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Chino Youth Parade Information

posted Dec 11, 2014, 11:49 AM by David Ballard

The parade begins at 9am at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Monte Vista Ave.  The route ends at the intersection of Central and Chino Ave.  

  • We must be assembled and ready to march by 8:45am (the parade starts at 9).  Leave yourself plenty of time!  There is no 'close' parking to the assembly area!
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to march with the Pack (parents, siblings, scouts).
  • If Marching: you will be walking back to your car unless you arrange for your vehicle or another families vehicle to be near the end of the route.  
  • If Dropping Off: In keeping with scouting policy, if you are not marching in the parade with your scout please ensure that you escort him to the assembly area and do not leave until there are at least two uniformed leaders present and you have been told that it is okay to leave.  It can be fairly busy and crowded so we want to ensure everyone is safe and that we have enough adults to supervise the scouts.  Pick-up instructions are listed later below
  • Directions: 
    • Head to the Check-In area at the intersection of Wright/Riverside.  There will be a uniformed leader from our Pack with a sign to help gather everyone.  From there you will be directed to our assigned staging area.  (The parade organizers will give us that information once we check in that morning.) 
Pick up
  • We will be disbanding at the corner of 6th and Chino Ave.  The route itself should only take 30 min or so to walk.  Depending on where we are staged and begin this can put our groups arrival at anywhere between 9:30-11:00 (probably nearer to 10:30 or so).  If you dropped off your scout make sure you are in the vicinity to pick them up so we can disband quickly and everyone can enjoy the rest of their day.
Contact David Ballard at the phone number or email listed on the hand out linked to this notice.

David Ballard,
Dec 11, 2014, 11:49 AM